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Archaeologists find skeletons at the site of the Waterloo battle

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 13 – Numerous skeletons of men and horses were found by archaeologists during excavations on the site of the historic battle of Waterloo, in present-day Belgium, which marked the final defeat and the end of Napoleon, on June 18 of 1815. “We could not be closer than that to the harsh reality of Waterloo,” said, quoted by the BBC, prof. Tony Pollard, director of the Center for Battlefield Archeology at the University of Glasgow, says this is an “incredibly rare” find.

Among the finds, three amputated limbs, abandoned on the site of the Mont-Saint-Jean farm, transformed into a field hospital for allied tripe during the battle.

For centuries, in fact, the bones that were not buried were collected by farmers and ground to make fertilizer for the fields.

In Waterloo tens of thousands of soldiers died on both sides: on the one hand the French Armée collected by Napoleon after his escape from the Island of Elba, on the other the forces of the alliance led by the British of the Duka of Wellington who they also included the Prussians of Field Marshal Von Bluecher.

The excavations, resumed in recent days after a suspension that lasted from 2019, before the Covid pandemic, will continue until July 15. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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