Pentagon, first successes in US hypersonic missile tests

The United States has carried out some tests on hypersonic missiles, launched both from airplanes and from the ground: the first successfully after at least three failures and which partially recover the serious delay accumulated by Washington compared to Russia and China on this new generation of strategic weapons. This was announced by the Pentagon, taken up by some media, including CNN, which explains that the tests took place in recent days.
Last Tuesday the Agn-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (Arrw) was brought to its destination for the second time by a flying plane: it is a missile that is carried at speeds exceeding Mach 5 (over five times the speed of sound) from a booster, and then release and glide at hypersonic speed on the target with a conventional or nuclear warhead and very difficult to intercept.
In addition, the Department of Defense announces that even the testing of an Operational Fires tactical hypersonic missile, created by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (Darpa, the US agency that develops advanced weapons), which is launched from trucks or other self-propelled vehicles, was successful last May. Russia, which has been developing hypersonic missiles for some years, claims to have already used these weapons on the Ukrainian theater, as in the case of Kinzhal missiles that hit Ukrainian weapons or ammunition depots far from Russian borders.

Source: Ansa

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