Tunisia: leader of Ennhadha Ghannouchi before the judges

(ANSA) – TUNIS, JUL 19 – Rached Ghannouchi, leader of the Tunisian Islamic party Ennahdha, former president of the dissolved parliament, was heard today by the judges of the anti-terrorism center, on accusations of corruption and money laundering linked to transfers from abroad to the charity Namaa Tunisia, near Ennahdha. This is just a few days before a highly contested constitutional referendum took place on 25 July. Many police officers and about a hundred activists from Ennahdha stand in front of the anti-terrorism court. As part of the same investigation, Tunisian authorities last month arrested former prime minister, former leader of Ennahdha, Hamadi Jebali, for allegedly money laundering. Jebali was subsequently released, but on Wednesday 20 July he will also have to appear before the judges. Earlier this month, a court ordered the freezing of the bank accounts of Ghannouchi and a dozen members of his family and his party, including Jebali, as part of this investigation. In June, Ghannouchi was also banned from traveling abroad as part of a separate investigation into the high-profile political killings that rocked the country in 2013. (ANSA)

Source: Ansa

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