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Gb celebrates George’s 9th birthday, ‘the future king grows up’

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New family celebration for the British Windsor dynasty which today greets the 9th birthday of the very young Prince George, eldest son of the Dukes of Cambridge, William and Kate, and future head of a monarchy destined to project itself – amidst unknowns and expectations of its subjects – in the second half of the 21st century.
The occasion was sealed with the publication of an official photo of the now former ‘prince’ portrayed with an almost boyish expression and smile, on the royal sites.
Image taken today as a tribute from various newspapers on the island.
“George grows up”, underline the tabloids among others, noting the ever more evident resemblance to his father William, set out – after turning 40 – towards a throne on which the eternal 73-year-old heir Carlo already projects an image for his part almost co-regent, alongside 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth.
In the meantime, another satisfaction arrives for the family.
The announcement with which the BBC yesterday returned to apologize for the historic interview-cheating actually extorted with the fraud from the deceased Princess Diana in 1995, in full marriage crisis, promising once again not to broadcast it ever again.
Interview to give color to which the team of Martin Bashir, at the time famous anchorman of the public broadcaster, made Lady D believe that Carlo had betrayed her with William’s then nurse: in order to induce resentment and confessions ‘scandalous’ to which she finally let go. A fake, as it was later established, for which the BBC – called for some time to answer for those facts also by Carlo, William and Harry himself – has agreed this week to pay substantial extra-judicial compensation to the former nanny

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