Yemen: at least 10 dead from torrential rains in Sanaa

Ten people, including four children, died as a result of floods and a building collapse after torrential rains fell on and around Yemen’s capital. Local authorities have made it known. The four children died in the collapse of a building in Sanaa, while the other six people lost their lives in their car in a heavy downpour near the capital.
Every year, torrential rains fall on Yemen and cause the river beds to rise dangerously.
Yemen is the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula and is in a situation of very serious food emergency, devastated for more than seven years by a war between the Huthi rebels, close to Iran, and the government forces, supported since 2015 by a coalition led by neighboring Saudi Arabia. The two sides have signed a truce that has been in effect since April 2, which is expected to end in early August.

Source: Ansa

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