Covid: Japan, compensation for 91-year-old who died after vaccination

(ANSA) – TOKYO, JULY 26 – For the first time in Japan, the Ministry of Health has approved compensation for the family of a deceased person after the administration of the vaccine against Covid-19. It is a 91-year-old woman, on whom a commission of experts appointed by the ministry has ruled to evaluate any contraindications caused by vaccinations. Her family will receive just over 44 million yen, the equivalent of 316,000 euros, in the form of death payments, and another 212,000 yen for the expenses incurred for the funeral ceremony. However, the ministry did not recognize a direct link between the inoculation of the serum and the death of the elderly lady, while admitting that “a casual relationship cannot be excluded”.

The ministry’s medical report speaks of an acute allergic reaction and myocardial infarction that occurred after vaccination, but it was not revealed when the woman received the vaccine or what type of serum was given. The ministry also stated that the woman was weakened by previous pathologies, including a cerebral ischemic attack, and hypertension; factors that could have been related to her death. Currently nine cases in Japan are under scrutiny for eligibility for death subsidy for people who have immunized against Covid-19.

According to the most recent data from the Tokyo government, 80% of the population received two doses of the vaccine, mostly from the US pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna, and 62.4% the third dose. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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