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Bosnia: high representative confirms electoral reform

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The High Representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, confirmed his decision to use his special powers and impose changes to the local electoral law, in view of the vote on 2 October.
“Elections are a right of every citizen and voter.
So I announce a transparency package that guarantees a free and fair campaign. Unfortunately, no one has succeeded before, “said Schmidt last night, who called on politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina to end the cross-blockade.
“Public debate is of paramount importance. Now it is up to politicians to turn the debate into an agreement. My message to them is to take advantage of this opportunity, because they may not have another one,” added the German diplomat. “I have spoken with them, I expect results and they will act immediately. This is their job and responsibility” Yesterday at the beginning of the day, Schmidt invited representatives of the most important political parties of Bosnia and Herzegovina to his office in Sarajevo ( OHR) to inform them of his plans.
According to the party president Narod i Pravda, who is in the opposition, Schmidt “shouted and banged on the table” and “showed emotions” and finally asked the party leaders to try to reach an agreement on more global changes to the electoral law as soon as possible.
According to their estimates, this could happen in September, but no precise deadline has been set.

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Source: Ansa

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