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China, the US will pay a price if Pelosi is in Taiwan

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(ANSA) – BEIJING, 02 AUG – China will take all the necessary resolute measures if the trip to Taiwan of the speaker of the American House Nancy Pelosi goes ahead in order to “guarantee the sovereignty and interests” of Beijing. In a particularly tense press conference, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying reiterated that the visit to Taiwan would be “reckless and provocative”, adding that the blame would lie solely with the US. The US side “will take responsibility and pay the price for undermining China’s sovereignty and interests,” she continued.

“The United States is responsible for the provocations that have led to increased tensions in the Taiwan Strait,” he added, criticizing the so-called “extortion logic” with which the US can do whatever it wants.

Hua also declined to comment on the suggestions for measures to be taken to prevent Pelosi’s visit that went viral on social media in Mandarin, including the shooting down of the plane with missiles.

“If the United States misjudges or mismanages this problem, it will lead to disastrous consequences for the Taiwan region”, the spokeswoman said, stating that Washington and Taipei “first collaborated to provoke”, while China was forced to act in “self defense”.

“It is difficult to imagine more reckless and provocative behavior than this”, Hua continued emphatically, accusing the United States of collaborating with “the separatist forces” of Taiwan and “any countermeasure adopted by China would be justified”, because international law and history are “on the side of China”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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