India: in Delhi over 500 toilets reserved for transgender people

(ANSA) – NEW DELHI, AUGUST 03 – The Indian capital is gearing up to provide dedicated toilets for transgender people: the Delhi administration today informed the Supreme Court that 505 public services, already intended for people with disabilities, have been assigned to transgender people and that the work to create bathrooms reserved for the third gender will have the highest priority.

According to what was declared today, in Delhi there are already 9 toilets created specifically for transgender people while another 56 are under construction.

The administration of the megacity had been convened by a section of the Supreme Court, which examined the complaint of Jasmine Kaur Chhabra, a law graduate and activist of the rights of the transgender community: the Chhabra had denounced that the absence of bathrooms dedicated to transsexual people puts you at risk of harassment and assaults and had requested the intervention of the Court.

The right to define themselves as belonging to the third gender was enshrined in India in 2014 by a ruling by the Supreme Court: people who have physical characteristics of the opposite sex, or whose appearance does not coincide with the gender at birth, known in the country as “hijras “, can be defined as such on the documents, and enjoy governmental protections for disadvantaged social groups: government jobs, schools and universities; wards in national hospitals, private public toilets.

According to the latest census, from 2011, there are half a million transgender people in India, but it is estimated that in reality they reach almost three million. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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