Gaza: 1,100 rockets in three days, ‘Breaking Down’ figures

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, AUGUST 08 – With the conclusion of the ‘Breaking Dawn’ operation against Islamic Jihad in Gaza, military radio has quantified Palestinian attacks and operations conducted by Israel.

From Gaza, he reported, 1,100 rockets were fired, but only 900 entered Israeli territory while the others fell back into the Strip. The Iron Dome defense batteries intercepted 380 rockets that directly threatened inhabited areas in Israel. According to the broadcaster, this is a success rate of 96-97 percent, significantly higher than those recorded in the last ten years in the operations conducted against Hamas in Gaza. According to the broadcaster, this is due to the constant improvement of those batteries. The new laser rocket interception system has not yet been used and according to the broadcaster will only be operational in one to two years.

In three days of fighting, Israel hit 170 Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza. Among these: a military tunnel, warehouses, launch pads, emplacements and also prominent members of the military wing of that organization. Ten rocket launches were intercepted on the ground, in real time.


Source: Ansa

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