A foreign leader in the White House? Americans prefer BoJo

(ANSA) – LONDON, 08 AUG – Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is the foreign leader that most Americans would like to see in theory as a candidate for the presidency of the United States. The prime minister is in fact at the top of the ranking according to a survey carried out by the think tank Democracy Institute and taken up by some UK media.

Johnson, with 31% of the votes, has a 13-point advantage over the second, French President Emmanuel Macron (18%), closely followed by Russian Vladimir Putin, despite the historic rivalry between Washington and Moscow exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine . Followed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (16%) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (8%), another great opponent of the United States in the international arena.

The notoriety and the link between the US and Great Britain weigh on Johnson’s choice, more than the fact that being born in America, law in hand, the conservative premier could in theory really stand as a candidate, and in the past he even mentioned him as a joke. However, it seems rather unlikely that BoJo, once he gives way to his successor chosen by Tory members between Foreign Minister Liz Truss and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak at the beginning of September, could think of a career in politics. Stripes. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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