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Syria: Sana, local elections on 18 September next

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(ANSAMed) – BEIRUT, AUGUST 08 – Administrative elections will be held on September 18 in Syria, a country overwhelmed for more than 11 years by an internal and regional war and which has claimed at least half a million deaths.

This was reported by the Syrian government agency Sana, which cites a decree by President Bashar al Assad, supported by Russia and Iran.

We will go to the vote despite the fact that about half of the 20 million Syrians are abroad as refugees who have fled the war and with no prospects of returning home.

This is the second administrative elections since the beginning of the armed conflict that broke out in 2011. Local consultations are for the renewal of the municipal councils of the localities under government control.

Russian military intervention alongside Assad’s troops since late 2015 has allowed loyalist forces to regain formal control of large portions of the territory in central Syria.

The eastern and northeastern regions, in the hands of a coalition of forces led by the US-backed Kurdish Workers ‘Party (PKK), and the northwestern regions under Turkish control and influence remain outside Damascus’ control. .

The last elections in Syria were the presidential elections of 2021, won – as expected – by Assad himself who won 95% of the preferences and was confirmed for a new seven-year term, until 2028. (ANSAMed).

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Source: Ansa

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