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Kenya: elections, candidates towards the ballot

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(ANSA) – NAIROBI, AUGUST 10 – It could be a victory in the last vote that will decide the presidential elections in Kenya held yesterday, thus making the ballot necessary. When the votes counted were just under a third (almost 4 million) of the 12 million and 65 thousand votes cast, Raila Odinga only surpassed William Ruto by 5,000 thousand votes in a minimal overtaking compared to one of the various surveys published in real time by the Commission independent electoral “Iecb” and disseminated by the media.

However, these are percentages below 50% that would not allow either Vice President Ruto or the opposition leader Odinga to exceed the 50 + 1 quota which, together with the 25% to be reached in at least 24 out of 47 counties, would allow one of the two to be proclaimed president.

The date of the announcement of the final results is still uncertain.

“We have seven days, but we won’t have to wait all this time,” said Wafula Chebukati, president of the Iebc Independent Electoral Commission in an interview last Monday.

“We ask Kenyans for patience as we undertake this rigorous exercise and strive to complete it as soon as possible,” he reiterated at a press conference last night as reported by The East African newspaper without specifying dates. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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