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    Shunned by customers, the Domino’s Pizza chain withdraws from Italy

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    Antonino Galofaro (in Rome), edited by Gauthier Delomez
    9:45 p.m., August 10, 2022

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    It is a symbolic departure from Italy: that of the American chain Domino’s Pizza, which has been established in La Botte for seven years. The franchise failed to “conquer” customers in the land of pizza. This is the case in Rome, where these Italians met by Europe 1 will not regret the sign.


    She failed to win the hearts of the Italians. The Domino’s pizza franchise, established for seven years in La Botte, will leave the country. A symbolic departure from the country of pizza and which is done in the general indifference of the population, as in Rome. In a street behind the Vatican, a restaurant of the sign was there, but it was already shunned by the Italians of the district. “I had heard of it yes, but I never went there”, concedes Francesco, one of them at the microphone of Europe 1.

    Overtaken by the competition of typical pizzerias

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    Michael has already eaten pizza from the American brand, but abroad. For him, it was out of the question to betray Italian pizza which, according to him, has no competitor. “For starters, we call it ‘pizza’, not ‘Domino’s Pizza’. And pizza is pizza, period!”, he enthuses.

    Not far from the old American restaurant, there are other sellers of “al taglio” pizzas, by the cut, typical of Rome. Fabrizio is waiting for his turn and is not at all surprised by the bankruptcy of Domino’s Pizza in Italy. “Making a pineapple pizza, making a slightly weird pizza… It’s like eating carbonara made by Americans… I’m in the temple of carbonara in Rome,” he says. As the chain itself says, Domino’s Pizza has failed to win over “demanding” customers in the homeland of pizza.

    Source: Europe1

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