Arrested in India: family, Federico loves to visit the world

(ANSA) – ALESSANDRIA, 11 AUG – “He is just a good boy, who likes to travel a lot. Federico loves to visit the world, he is passionate about the East. He also went to work to pay for room and board and to get to know the local culture “. This is said by the family of Federico Negri, born in 1994, from Pozzolo Formigaro (Alessandria), arrested by the Uttar Pradesh state police after crossing a bridge that connects Nepal to India. To talk about it are the sister Ilaria, the mother Silvana and the father Guido.

“He told me: Mom, I’m leaving Nepal and I’m entering India, because I’m going home. Then I didn’t hear from him again but I learned that he was arrested on July 5th. Now it’s been more than a month” adds the mother. .

“We relied on the lawyer Claudio Falleti – explains the woman -. The lawyer is trying to ensure that my son can leave, even by paying a deposit. We hope it will happen and soon”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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