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Germany: Schroeder sues the German parliament

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(ANSA) – BERLIN, AUGUST 12 – Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder sues the German parliament: he wants to get back his office and various privileges.

In the spring, the Bundestag Budget Commission stripped Schroeder of his right to an office, a team of assistants, and other privileges that are usually reserved for former government leaders. Now Schroeder has taken legal action, as his lawyer confirmed to Dpa.

The decision of the Parliamentary Commission is due to the fact that Schroeder would no longer properly respect the official roles and duties of a former chancellor and the related obligations required. Last year, more than € 400,000 was spent on Schröder’s office staff, while his personal pension of € 8,300 was not suspended anyway.

The former Social Democrat leader has long been criticized for his executive positions in Russian state-owned companies, as well as for his close friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A few days ago, an initial decision by a local SPD commission has meanwhile rejected requests to expel Schroeder from the Social Democratic party. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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