Syria: Isis claims the killing of 14 people in a few days

ISIS today claimed responsibility for the killing of 14 people in a week in various attacks carried out in Syria. This can be learned from the count reported in the latest issue of the online magazine Nabaa published by the Organization of the Islamic State on social media. The magazine claims 35 actions carried out by Isis around the world in the last week. And Afghanistan stands out as the theater of war where jihadist militiamen have struck with the greatest ferocity, killing, according to the magazine, “more than 100 people”.
The Syrian territory is the second in the ranking of places where ISIS is most active, with 14 killed from 5 to 11 August last.
The attacks in Syria by ISIS are focused on the Arab and Kurdish forces of the coalition led by the United States-backed Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) in the east of the country; and against the government forces, supported by Russia, and against the pro-Iranian Shiite jihadists present in south-central Syria.

Source: Ansa

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