Nyt, Ukrainians slow down but do not nullify the Russian advance

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 14 – Thanks to the supply from Western countries of new long-range missiles, the Ukrainian forces have managed to slow down, “at least for the moment”, the advance of Russian troops in the east and south of Village. But despite this, “the Russian military machine still has sufficient strength to continue the offensive operations”. This is what the New York Times states in an analysis of the situation on the ground.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had said months ago that the decisive turning point on the ground in favor of the forces of Kiev would come in this month of August, thanks to the new weapons systems provided by Westerners, especially the United States. And this after the Ukrainians lost up to 200 soldiers a day in the spring, with a devastating effect on the morale of the troops which also led to desertions.

However, so far the use of the new weapons by Kiev does not seem to have opened the way to victory for the Ukrainians, but rather to have led to a situation of substantial stalemate.

“It is clear that the Ukrainians cannot compete with the Russians unit by unit and soldier by soldier,” Samuel Bendett, a Russian arms analyst at the Center for Naval Analysis, told the newspaper. And Ukraine, like the Russians, is staying. short of soldiers. So Ukraine must be very cautious about how to bring Russian troops out into the open. ” (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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