Algeria: the toll of fires rises, 31 dead

(ANSA) – ALGIERS, AUGUST 18 – The provisional death toll of the victims of fires in north-eastern Algeria has risen to 31 deaths. This was stated in a statement from the Algerian Civil Protection, explaining that four other deaths were recorded in the province of El Tarf, as well as another victim in Guelma.

Prime Minister Aymen Ben Abderrahmene arrived this morning in the province of El Tarf, on the border with Tunisia.

Local sources contacted by ANSA in El Tarf itself spoke of a “catastrophic” situation, after dozens of dead, injured and missing were recorded. According to the same sources, hundreds of hectares have been “devoured by flames”, including “a zoo” and “a large part” of the El Kala National Park, one of the most important nature reserves in Algeria.


Source: Ansa

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