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Finland: Sanna Marin, ‘I took the drug test, results in a week’. Check out a second video in a club

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The Finnish premier Sanna Marin she revealed, in a meeting with the media, that she had undergone the drug test in the morning. THE results they should arrive within a week and will be made public. Marin was asked if the test drug can be accurate when three weeks have passed since the party. Marin replied that she did not know and she said she had undergone the tests for safety, pointing out that she had never tried drugs. The tabloid Iltalehti reports it.

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Sanna Marin: ‘I didn’t take drugs. Can I take the test ‘

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In Finland, a new video has emerged that portrays Prime Minister Sanna Marin in intimate attitudes with an “unknown” man as she dances in a clubhouse in Helsinki. The episode should date back to August 6, during the same weekend in which the private party took place in the center of the first video, which appeared yesterday.

Finland: video of Sanna Marin unleashed, controversy

Some media point out that the prime minister was in full office that weekend – she should have gone on vacation but then canceled – and therefore had not handed over her powers to the Minister of Defense, as she has done on other occasions. The case is sparking controversy in Finland, with many commentators on the side of the premier. Strong criticism instead from the opposition. Cybersecurity expert Petteri Järvinen evoked, on Iltalehti, the possibility that the Russians hacked the phone or social media accounts of someone in Marin’s close circle; although, apparently, yesterday’s video first appeared on an Instagram profile of an acquaintance of Marin.

The 36-year-old Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin had ended up in the storm after the media of her country yesterday published a first video, which ended online is not yet known how, in which the young leader goes wild in a private party. Marin, to the tune of popular rap artists such as Petri Nygård and Antti Tuisku, dances in the company of well-known faces of the Finnish jet set. According to the newspaper Iltalehti, which first published the story, the video shows the photographer and influencer Janita Autio, the presenters Tinni Wikström and Karoliina Tuominen, the designer Vesa Silver and the deputy Ilmari Nurminen. “It appears the videos were shot in a private apartment. Iltalehti was unable to contact Marin or his staff for comment. Marin’s parties and social media advertisements, which deviate from the traditional Prime Minister’s style, they attracted a lot of attention and discussions, “notes the newspaper.

The controversy has focused on the fact that, in the video, there seems to be a possible reference to cocaine and that, during the party, drugs were used. In fact, several Twitter accounts have pointed out that someone in the video is talking about drugs. In reality, the tabloid Iltalehti always reports, the reference to cocaine derives from a slang – ‘flour gang’ – pronounced during the video (the tabloid publishes a slow motion in which Sanna Marin also appears). The hit by rapper Petri Nygård (Selvä päivä) plays in the background, a text full of references to alcohol and ‘a hangover’.

Marin denied that the expression was used in the video – “when I listened to the video a couple of times I think it didn’t say ‘flour gang’ but something else – and said he had no problem taking a test. drugs. “I danced, sang and partyed – perfectly legal things. And I have never been in a situation where I have seen or heard of others using drugs, “said Marin second when reporting some Finnish media.

“I have a family life, I have a working life and I have free time to spend with my friends – about the same as many people my age,” he added. The opposition, however, criticized her behavior, especially “in the current moment of crisis”. Criticism that Marin rejected the sender. “I will be exactly the same person I have been so far and I hope this is accepted,” she said.

Source: Ansa

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