Video reveals Russian military vehicles in central Zaporizhzhia

A new video circulating online shows the presence of Russian military vehicles parked inside the turbine hall connected to one of the reactors of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant of Zaporizhizia, occupied by Moscow troops and at the center of international attention due to the fear of catastrophic accidents: CNN writes it, adding that it has geolocated and authenticated the video.

However, it is not clear when the images were shot. In them – writes CNN – you can see two rows of Russian military trucks, of which at least five are visible, one of which with the symbol ‘Z’ painted on the hood, parked in the turbine room about 130 meters from the corresponding nuclear reactor, one of the six of the central. Also visible is something that looks like a tent and some pallets of different sizes of which, CNN writes, the purpose is not clear. Moscow has so far said that the military equipment present in the plant concerns only the guard service and yesterday the Russian Defense Ministry said that satellite images clearly show that in the plant “there are no weapons, especially heavy ones”. Ukraine, on the other hand, accuses the Russian army of firing from inside the plant, making it a shield – accusations, these rejected by Russia – and also of mistreating the Ukrainian personnel assigned to the operation of the nuclear plant, the largest in Europe. which in days should be visited by experts from the IAEA, the UN agency for nuclear energy.

Source: Ansa

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