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Smallpox monkeys: Cuba, Italian death, first case on the island

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(ANSA) – HAVANA, AUGUST 23 – The Italian tourist suffering from monkeypox, the first case reported in Cuba, died in the past few hours. The man, Germano Mancini, 50, commander of the Carabinieri of Scorzè for a couple of months, he had been on the island since August 15th.

“The patient, who had been in unstable critical condition since August 18, died on the evening of August 21,” the Cuban Ministry of Health said in a statement. The 50-year-old Italian arrived in Cuba on August 15 and was hospitalized three days later, the ministry added.

“The autopsy report carried out at the Institute of Forensic Medicine concludes that the death was caused by sepsis due to bronchopneumonia with undetermined germ and damage to multiple organs,” it reads. After the analyzes, the ministry ruled out other infectious pathologies in the patient.

The Italian was staying in a rented house and had visited several places in the west of the country. On Wednesday he complained of “general symptoms” of malaise and, as they persisted, he went to a doctor on Thursday. He was rushed to hospital after suffering cardiac arrest from which he recovered. According to the ministry, people who have had contact with the man who are in isolation are currently asymptomatic. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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