Syria: US air strikes against Iranian-backed groups

(ANSA) – BEIRUT, AUG 24 – American President Joe Biden yesterday ordered air strikes against Iranian-backed groups in Syria, just over a week after a missile attack on a military base in the north-east of the country that hosts troops Americans. CNN reports it.

The attacks conducted by the US military have targeted Iranian-backed groups in Deir Ezzor, the United States Central Command (Centcom) said. During the attacks, “infrastructure used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps,” said Colonel Joe Buccino, a spokesman for Centcom.

The attack follows three air raids carried out in recent days by pro-Iranian militias in Syria against the US military base of Tanf, on the border with Iraq and Jordan. According to the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria, in tonight’s attacks – which took place around 4.00 local time (3.00 in Italy) – six Syrian and foreign militiamen were killed.

According to the Observatory, two weapons depots of pro-Iranian militias were hit: one of these is made up of fighters from the infamous ‘Fatimid’ battalion, made up of Shiite jihadists enlisted by Iran in Afghanistan. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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