‘Scholz as Hitler’, the latest from Russian TV anchor Solovyov

The images of the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who climbed yesterday on a Gepard panzer during a visit to northern Germany, did not please the popular Russian anchorman, the pro-Kremlin journalist Vladimir Solovyov, who in the course of a broadcast criticized him harshly comparing him to Adolf Hitler. The Ukrainian politician and journalist Anton Gerashchenko, current advisor to the Interior Ministry of Kiev, denounced the performance of the conductor very close to Putin today on Twitter, who posted the video of the Solovyov show.
“Solovyov labeled Scholz as a ‘Nazi bastard’ and called for the bombing of Germany – wrote Gerashchenko in a post -. To be honest, this is no longer even propaganda, but psychiatry in my opinion”.
The comment of BBC journalist Francis Scarr is also harsh: “Sometimes I too am shocked by what I see on Russian state television – wrote Scarr on Twitter -. Last night Vladimir Solovyov accused Olaf Scholz of imitating ‘his idol’. Adolf Hitler and proposed missile attacks on the German military facility where Ukrainian soldiers are trained in the use of Gepard tanks “.
Solovyov is known to the Russian and international public for his highly controversial releases and for being, since 2005, the host of the program that airs on Sunday evening on the Russian channel Rossija 1.
The well-known Russian presenter is not new to the controversy related to his vitriolic comments, such as when he proposed the quartering of the condemned among the various executions, in a surreal debate on live TV. Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine in February, YouTube has removed channels of popular authors, including his own.

Source: Ansa

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