Swedish far right rises in the polls ahead of the 11/9 vote

Far-right Swedish Democrats have risen in polls to two weeks of the legislative elections to be held on September 11th.
An increase that reflects the party’s growing support for the party’s anti-immigration policies and its harsh stances on crime.
The party, according to the survey, would be placed second, behind the Social Democrats in power, who dominated the Swedish political scene from the postwar period onwards.
In the various polls published this week, the Swedish Democrats would get between 20 and 23 percent, surpassing the Conservative Moderate party which would enjoy 16-18% of the votes, while the Social Democrats of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson would place in the lead with about 30% preferences.
The far-right Swedish Democrats entered parliament in 2010, but remained in opposition due to their historical ties to neo-Nazi movements. But now the right-wing bloc – made up of Moderates, Christian Democrats and Liberals – could be ready to collaborate with the Swedish Democrats to wrest power from the Social Democrats, given that issues related to security and the fight against crime predominate among the voters. The Social Democrats, on the other hand, would rely on the support of the parties of the left, of the center and of the Greens. The result would be a head to head – according to the polls – between the two opposing blocks.

Source: Ansa

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