Taiwan: 35 jets and eight Chinese ships detected around the island

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense today detected 35 fighter planes and eight Chinese military ships around the island, a sharp increase compared to activities in recent days. Among the jets, 18 have crossed the midline of the Taiwan Strait or entered the island’s defense airspace (Adiz) in the southwestern part. The armed forces of the island, the ministry said in a statement, took off the fighters, deployed naval units and missile defense systems, following the rules of the protocol.
The situation around Taiwan remains tense after the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command announced today new combat exercises in the sea and airspace around Taiwan, considered by Beijing to be an “inalienable” part of its territory to be reunified. even by force if necessary. The major activism of the Chinese armed forces is to be connected to the arrival in Taipei, yesterday evening, of the US Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn who today met with President Tsai Ing-wen.
It is the third visit in August by representatives of the American Congress to Taiwan, after the mission of the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (at the origin of the furious reaction in Beijing) and that of Senator Ed Markey.

Source: Ansa

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