A thousand deaths from floods in Pakistan, thousands of evacuated

Thousands of people living near rivers in flood-hit northern Pakistan have been ordered to flee their homes as the interim death toll from devastating monsoon rains approaches one thousand. Many rivers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa broke their banks, demolishing dozens of buildings including a 150-room hotel, which crumbled under the force of a flooding stream.

Pakistan, monsoon rains in Fazilpur: submerged homes and residents forced to evacuate

According to local officials, this year’s monsoon floods have affected more than 33 million people – one in seven Pakistanis – destroying or severely damaging nearly a million homes. The same officials say this year’s floods are comparable to those of 2010 – the worst ever recorded – when more than 2,000 people died and nearly a fifth of the country remained underwater.

Source: Ansa

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