Libya: Bashagha, military action against Dbeibah

(ANSA) – CAIRO, AUG 27 – The Libyan prime minister appointed by the parliament, Fathi Bashagha, declared that the clashes in Tripoli take place as part of an attempt by his forces to eliminate the militias that support the prime minister recognized by the UN , Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, in a “professional” military “operation” called “the Great Fishing”.

“A limited military operation has begun in the early hours of today in the city of Tripoli to put an end to the group” which “supports the outgoing government, strenuously attached to power”, premiered a statement by Bashagha published on his executive’s letterhead and relaunched on Twitter from the Libya Observer site.

“This operation that we have called ‘The Great Fishing’ will be limited, meticulous and completed in a short time according to professional military rules”, adds the parallel premier.

“The Libyan government, by announcing to all the children of its people the good news of the end of the era of the corruption group, values ​​the efforts of the children of the national army and of the military leaders who lead honorable fights”, concludes the Bashagha’s statement. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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