Libya: Municipality of Tripoli, international community intervene

(See ‘Libya: media, comedian dies in clashes in …’ 11:52 am) (ANSA) – CAIRO, 27 AUG – “The City Council and the people of Tripoli believe the Parliament, the Supreme Council of State , the Presidency Council and both governments responsible for the deterioration of conditions in the capital and call on the international community to protect civilians in Libya “: this was stated on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Tripoli center with explicit reference to the” clashes in the heart of the capital who care neither about the lives of civilians nor their property “.

For its part, the Facebook page of TV Libya Alahrar writes that the ambulance service and the emergency room “confirm the death of the comedian ‘Mustafa Baraka’ in via Al-Zawiya”. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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