Libya: calm returns to Tripoli after clashes with 32 dead

(ANSA) – TRIPOLI, AUG 28 – A Sunday of relative calm in Tripoli after the clashes between rival armed groups in the Libyan capital that caused at least 32 dead and 159 injured, against the backdrop of a political crisis that has been dragging on for years and with two governments rivals.

According to an AFP correspondent, most of the activities have resumed, as well as the flights at Mitiga airport which had been suspended the day before. Schools are expected to resume regular performance tomorrow, in particular the maturity exams initially scheduled for today.

The damage from the bloody fighting that took place from Friday to Saturday evening is huge and visible throughout Tripoli, with many buildings riddled with bullets and dozens of cars set on fire. Six hospitals were hit by the raids.

Since last March, two governments have been competing for power in Libya: one based in Tripoli, internationally recognized, led by Abdelhamid Dbeibah since 2021, and another by Fathi Bashagha and supported by the camp of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the strong man of the East of the country.

The clashes ended in the defeat of pro-Bashagha armed groups, according to local media and experts. The United Nations today urged “the Libyan parties to engage in real dialogue to resolve the current political impasse and not to resort to force to resolve their differences”.


Source: Ansa

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