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Somali jihadists in Kenya, ‘change policy or there will be trouble’

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The Somali jihadist group Al Shabaab, with an open letter delivered to the national media, dictated the conditions to the new Kenyan government on the policy towards Somalia, waiting for the Supreme Court of Nairobi to rule on the appeal presented by the opposition leader Raila Odinga and confirm whether or not the election of the current Vice President William Ruto.
The letter, entitled ‘Kenya at the crossroads’ asks the “neighbors” for a clear change in foreign policy and the withdrawal of the army stationed in Somalia since 2011. “It has been 11 years since Kenya invaded Somalia. To date, however, the Kenyan army has not achieved any of the initial objectives of the invasion, the defense forces of Kenya are unable to get out of their bunkers and conduct effective military operations against the mujahideen, “the statement read.
Al Shabaab points out that the political situation between the two countries must be reviewed if there is to be no harmful risk. “During the election campaign, the presidential candidates deliberately avoided addressing the issue of the deteriorating security situation in Kenya and the military invasion of Somalia. Kenyan politicians, it seems, are willing to persist on the road to war to satisfy the interests of their Western masters, putting the lives of their citizens and the interests of their country at risk “.
Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for several terrorist attacks in Kenya over the past decade, including the one at Nairobi’s Westgate Shopping Center in 2013, which killed 67, and the one at Garissa University, in which 151 Christian students died.

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Source: Ansa

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