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Gb: Carlo to Andrea, ‘he will never have real roles again’

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Prince Charles has no doubts: his brother Adrea, the Duke of York removed from the House of Windsor for his involvement in the Epstein sex scandal, will never again have royal roles. The Sun on Sunday writes it exclusively today, according to which the heir to the throne responded thus to the daughters of Andrea – Beatrice and Eugenie – who had begged him to make sure to take back the disgraced royal to court.
“There is no chance”, the future king replied to the young princesses, according to well-informed anonymous sources quoted from Sunday. The 73-year-old Prince of Wales is “determined” to respect Queen Elizabeth’s decision to deprive Andrew of his royal roles and the title of HRH
(His Royal Highness).
According to sources, Carlo met Beatrice and Eugenie at his home on the Birkhall estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. And a few days earlier he had had a “business meeting”, also in Birkhall, with Prince Andrew himself. The heir to the throne listened to all three, but their pleas “fell on deaf ears” and according to one of the sources “there is no change” in the status quo.
As is known, Andrea was definitively relegated to the so-called ‘royal desert’ by the queen in January, after a series of embarrassing disputes that led him to pay millions of dollars in February to close the case with Virginia Giuffre, the woman who was being dragged to the bar in the United States on sexual harassment charges.
The third son and favorite son of the queen thus reached a financial agreement to put an end to an affair that caused profound embarrassment to the English court, and which saw him accused of abusing Giuffre – then a minor – with the complicity of Jeffrey Epstein. A story that the elderly monarch is not willing to forget.

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