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Ukraine, Putin: Western sanctions threaten the whole world

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The sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia constitute “a threat to the whole world”Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his speech at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivistok. “The pandemic has been replaced by new global challenges that pose a challenge to the whole world. I am referring to the frenzy of Western sanctions, the aggressive attempts (by the West) to impose a role model on other countries, depriving them of sovereignty and subjugating them to his will, “said the head of the Kremlin.

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Putin said that “it is impossible to isolate Russia ‘, with reference to Western sanctions. Putin, who speaks at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, added – quoted by Tass – that “Russia has not lost and is not losing anything due to the Special Operation (the invasion of Ukraine, ed), but it has indeed it strengthened its own sovereignty “. The Russian leader said he was certain that “the global economy is going through a difficult period, but the logic of cooperation will certainly win”.

Russian soldiers on guard on the territory of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

The commander of the Russian occupation administration of the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk has died
, in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Artem Bardin, injured yesterday by a bomb in his car. This was stated by the Kiev Independent, which claims to quote the Russian administration. Bardin, writes the Ukrainian news site, died in hospital from the severity of his injuries.

Russia asked the IAEA, the UN atomic energy agency, for “clarifications” Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov told Interfax about his report on the situation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant – defined in the document as “unsustainable”. “There is a need for additional clarifications, because that report contains a certain number of question marks. We have asked for these clarifications to the director general of the IAEA”, Rafael Grossi. Yesterday, the Russian ambassador to the UN deplored that the report did not “clearly indicate” that the Ukrainians would be bombing the area of ​​the plant.

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“Pending the end of the conflict and the restoration of stable conditions, there is an urgent need for interim measures to prevent a nuclear accident from being caused by physical damage caused by military instruments”. After the mission to Zaporizhzhia, the International Atomic Energy Agency denounces an “unsustainable” situation and puts on paper the risks of a disaster in the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, at the center of the clashes in Ukraine for weeks, which “it can have a serious impact in the country and beyond its borders”. For this reason, UN experts launch an appeal for “the urgent creation of a nuclear safety protection zone”. The situation is “unprecedented”, warns the IAEA in a 52-page report highlighting all the critical issues that emerged in the visit concluded a few hours ago, while in Zaporizhzhia there were new powerful explosions for which Moscow and Kiev continue to renew accusations reciprocal. “It is the first time that a military conflict has taken place between the structures” of a power plant of this size, underlines the document drawn up by the technicians, who “observed damage in various areas caused by the events reported” in relation to the conflict, ” with some of the damage near the reactor buildings. ” The experts, the text reads, “observed that some repair work had already been carried out or were in progress for some of the damage and noted that further work would be needed to repair all the damage caused.” Furthermore, for the IAEA, which left two technicians at the plant as sentinels to monitor developments, the current situation “is clearly unsustainable” even for the Ukrainian workers of the plant, who “operate in extremely stressful conditions under the control of the armed forces. Russian “.

Pending the intervention of the director general of the body, Rafael Grossi, to the UN Security Council, the appeal to stop the raids has however fallen on deaf ears. Russians and Ukrainians once again accused each other of carrying out the bombing that shortly after noon caused a powerful explosion in Energodar, the city that hosts the plant, causing an immediate interruption of electricity and water supplies to residents. The pro-Russians then reported damage to a fuel oil tank, which would have ended up in the canal that supplies water for the operation of the structure. Complaints on which not even the IAEA was able to fully clarify, being able only to verify the effects of the raids. After all, the head of the Ukrainian nuclear agency Energoatom, Petro Kotin, stressed, the mission has a mandate limit for which it cannot expect Moscow to put an end to its “occupation”, which is “the root of the problem”. For this reason, he added, a peacekeeping intervention with the participation of UN peacekeepers would rather be needed to achieve demilitarization. While all eyes remain on Zaporizhzhia, the conflict continues. After the symbolic success of the stop to the referendum scheduled in Kherson for the annexation to Russia, the Ukrainian forces have claimed a further advance of the counter-offensive, which is also confirmed by the Pentagon. For presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych, “since the beginning of the liberation operation of southern Ukraine, the army has resumed several settlements on the western bank of the Dnieper” and in the coming weeks it will be able to encircle the enemy on the opposite bank of the river, starting to push it back. A bet that goes along with the progress claimed on the eastern front, while a Kiev adviser said he expected the announcement of “great news from President Zelensky on the counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region”. Meanwhile, the resistance also continues its battle. In Berdyansk, on the Azov Sea near Mariupol, the Russian commander of the “occupied” city was seriously injured by a car bomb in broad daylight and in the center.

Source: Ansa

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