a female robot named CEO of a video game company, a first in the world

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For the first time, a virtual robot, named Tang Yu, endowed with artificial intelligence, will become the CEO of a large video game company, Net Dragon, in China. The objective is to optimize the company’s performance through purely rational decision-making and to save money.

Replacing the CEO of his company with a robot is the bet of one of the largest Chinese video game companies, Net Dragon Websoft, founded in 1999 and which weighs several billion dollars. This female robot is called Madame Tang Yu and therefore becomes the first robot at the head of a company in the world. This virtual humanoid is guided by an artificial intelligence which should allow it to optimize the performance of the company, in particular by making rational and totally transparent decisions since this robot has no feelings.

A boss without pay

“Tang Yu will help us in the area of ​​management and administration as well as in operational matters, because we are already using artificial intelligence during many internships in order to develop our activities”, explains Simone Lung, vice- President of Dragon.

Placing an android at the head of a company is also a foretaste of virtual universes. The metaverse that is currently developing everywhere, both in video games, e-commerce and now the company. A world in which we navigate via a virtual reality system. Another advantage of Tang Yu is that he becomes the world’s first CEO on duty 24 hours a day and without pay.

Other companies already turned to robotics

This is not the first time that a company has entered the field of robotics. A few years ago, a subsidiary of Canon, had already entrusted the management of certain supervision tasks to algorithms, in particular facial recognition algorithms which require smiles. But this is the first time that a robot has reached the head of a company.

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