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Brazilians cannot get a visa for Mexico and denounce lack of support: ‘Total disrespect’

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Since August 18, it is necessary to present a physical document to enter the country, but people are unable to make an appointment at the Consulate and need to cancel the trip scheduled for a long time.

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Brazilians need a physical visa to enter Mexico from August 18

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Since the 18th of August, Brazilians who want to travel to Mexico need to issue a physical visa to gain entry into the country. The measure, which took everyone by surprise, breaks a 20-year agreement that did not require the presentation of a visa for travelers between the two countries and annuls the decision of December 2021, which only requested the electronic form. The change is keeping many people awake for a long time, some even scheduled before the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19. according to the government Mexican, “the measure does not prohibit the entry of Brazilians as visitors without permission to carry out unpaid activities, but now they will have to seek a visa at the Mexican consulate, as Brazilians who intend to enter by land or sea currently do”. However, getting the permission document is the biggest difficulty at the moment, since, in addition to instability on the website, people also face a lack of support and cannot find dates to make an appointment.

Patrícia de Assis’ despair is clear when we talk on the phone. The woman, who currently lives in Canada, has her daughter’s wedding all paid for in Rivera Maya, Mexico, and faces the uncertainty of whether she will be able to bring guests from Brazil to the ceremony. Among them is her mother, the bride’s grandmother, and her uncle, who will be one of the best men. The clothes, location, tickets and tours are all already paid for, even before the pandemic – the initial date of the wedding was in 2020. But, given the situation that the world was going through, it was rescheduled for October 2022. first trip and now we are going through it again because of the visa”, says the woman, who estimates a loss of around R$ 60 thousand. “We weren’t successful in getting an appointment, they don’t return any emails and they also don’t answer the phone”, she adds, talking about the difficulty in getting in touch with the consulate to try some support. Patrícia appealed to social networks to draw attention and try to request her problem – other people are also doing this, the pages of the Mexican consulate in Brazil are full of comments and almost none have been answered. She managed to be answered by direct message on Instagram and there were indications that her problem would be solved, as they asked to forward documents proving the marriage, but, after sent, she had no further response.

visa for mexico

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Patrícia de Assis was able to talk to the Mexican Consulate, but was unable to schedule a visa withdrawal │Personal file│Patrícia de Assis

“The wedding is paid for, we have all the documentation, I’ve already sent a message to all the consulate’s Instagram and Facebook profiles, to the Embassy, ​​to the Itamaraty”, he vents, and adds that the Mexican Consulate has now blocked comments. There were more than 20 emails sent and none responded. “Total disrespect. If it weren’t for marriage, I wouldn’t be experiencing this lack of respect, because there are many places that want to welcome us with open arms and I wouldn’t spend my money in a country that treats us with such disdain”, he reports. Patricia’s mother has an American visa and, for that reason, is able to enter the country without the need for a Mexican visa, but her brother, the bride’s uncle, who will accompany her, was not able to. “I have little hope that my family will make it to my daughter’s wedding.” According to the statement published in the Official Gazette of the Federation of Mexico, Persons who have a valid and current visa or proof of permanent residence from Canada, USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland or countries belonging to the Schengen Area, as well as members of the Pacific Alliance, are exempt. In this moment of sadness and agony, Patrícia bets on a madness that her mother is going to do: drive from Espírito Santo to Brasília and sit in front of the consulate to see if she can get an answer. “I saw reports of people who got their visas that way, going there on the day or staying in front of the consulate. I asked my mom to wait until the end of the month, but if we don’t get an answer, she’s going to try that way,” she says.

Larissa Andrade, 28, works with event production and is experiencing the same problem. The young woman is scheduled to travel to Cancún in November, with everything paid for, and so far has not been able to schedule a visa. Her appointment cannot be rescheduled. “The situation for the trip is very complicated. I’ve been trying to get a visa since the end of August and I can’t,” she says. She reports the same problems faced by Patricia. “They never have an agenda for visas and the consulate doesn’t answer and doesn’t respond to emails, which makes it even more difficult”, she says. According to Larissa, sometimes the consulate’s phone doesn’t even ring. Not even the urgent visa application has been effective, as there is no return. “They are making a big disregard for the number of demands that all of us Brazilians are trying to”. Larissa has already tried scheduling in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília, but in none has she been successful. According to her, in Rio there is not even the option of a consulate, in Brasília there has never been the option of a visa and in São Paulo and the consulate does not work at all. The young woman also talks about a problem that often appears in the comments on the consulate’s social networks and in groups where people try to help each other: the difficulty to advance from the first page to the visa scheduling tab. In view of the reports, the report tried to schedule the visa and had the same difficulties reported. Larissa still says that the only response she got from the consulate via email was an automatic response.

Image of the Mexican consulate automatic email

Daniela Cândido, 39, and her husband gave up trying for a visa and decided to cancel the trip that had been purchased and paid for since May 25. They were going to Cancún and Riveira Maya to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This would be the third time the two would go to Mexico and it was the first time they faced difficulties. “On Wednesday I stayed all day canceling the whole trip,” she says. She says that since the announcement about the need to issue a physical visa, they started trying to schedule an appointment daily, but never had an appointment available. “My husband went to the embassy and the employee himself said that he only got in there on time and there was no one to give him satisfaction. There was a line of people wanting an explanation,” she says. They were going to embark on the 22nd of October. Daniela also tried to contact the embassy, ​​Itamaraty and the consulate, but had no response. “This decision is hurting many people. I’m still lucky enough to be able to pay the extra fees, but there are people who have lost everything,” she says. In addition to the headache of not getting a visa, she also reports another problem. The airline she bought the ticket from will not refund her. “Because of the visa requirement, they decided to exempt passengers, but only for those traveling on October 18th. I would travel on the 22nd”, she vents, outraged. “I’m going to the same destination as the people on the 18th. I’m being forced to cancel and leave my ticket open because I can’t get a visa. So how does anyone who travels until the 18th have this right and I don’t know if my reason is the same?”, she asks her. Daniela and her husband will need to pay a penalty of approximately R$1,600 when they go to reschedule, apart from changing the date and changing the route, which will incur an extra fee. In addition, she will still have to pay a sum of US$ 500 (R$ 2,620 at the current rate) to rebook the hotel. She says her husband is angry and doesn’t even want to hear about this trip anymore.

It’s not just those who are scheduled to travel to Mexico who have faced problems with the visa issue. People with a scheduled stopover in the region have also had doubts about whether or not the document is necessary and about how to obtain it, as they say that the explanations available on the website are not so clear. Welbert Lima, 30, had to pay a higher amount and change his travel route to Canada due to lack of information about his visa for Mexico. “The interpretation in the text at the consulate is comprehensive. They said that on a valid Canadian visa I would be able to enter, but nowhere did it say if the eTA I have was also in the package”, he explains. The eTA is a requirement to enter Canada without a visa. It is awarded to foreigners who wish to travel to the country by air for a variety of specific purposes, including tourism, business and transit. It is equivalent to the visa, but is electronically linked to the passport. “I called the consulate and no one answered. It was either busy or in high demand,” he says. According to the information provided by Mexico, Welbert’s visa should be accepted, however, the airlines asked for the physical visa. He even got an answer by e-mail, but they sent him to the site and there was no information that would solve his doubt.

In social networks, some groups that developed robots to monitor the opening of vacancies, have charged to notify people when there is an available date. That’s how Julia Vieira, 24, and her boyfriend managed to schedule the interview to get the visa. “There are very few vacancies for many people. I thought they weren’t providing this support, since it’s a new thing and many people have been planning the trip for a long time”. Hers has been booked for a year now. In addition to the difficulty in scheduling, she talks about another problem: the requirements to acquire a visa. “Regarding the documents they ask for, it is absurd. For example, I am CLT, they ask for proof of income of R$4,900. I think they are making it very complicated in these matters.” It does not stop there. She says that documents can change from consulate to consulate, which is what has been reported in the groups in which she participates. “We don’t have a basis for what it’s like, and yet we depend on someone else to say whether you’re going to get a visa or not,” she says. Julia says that she and her boyfriend chose Mexico as their destination precisely because the entrance is less bureaucratic.

It was with the help of a consultancy that Maycon Monteiro, 30, managed to get his visa. “It took me two months to get a visa from the moment the need was announced,” he says. He is from São Paulo and was only able to obtain the document in Brasília. He and his wife are going to Mexico on October 17th for their honeymoon. “From the moment the Mexican government began to require a physical visa, the difficulty of getting an appointment arose because of the high demand”, he says. “The last minute decision took everyone by surprise and they don’t have the capacity to serve everyone. They are trying to do it as a priority, and for them tourism is not a priority, from what we understand,” he adds. By relying on the help of a consultancy, Maycon had to spend an amount more than he had planned, which greatly burdened the financial issue of the trip. He spent about R$2,000 more and took 40 days to get out. Maycon says that the documents required to obtain the visa were a passport, proof of income (with an average value of R$ 13 thousand in the last three months), proof of residence, pay stub, work card, and the visa is only valid for six months, another factor that has intrigued people, as it is a lot of demand and lack of support for an authorization that lasts so little time.

The report tried to contact the Embassy, ​​Consulate and Itamaraty. Until the publication of this report, the Embassy of Mexico in Brazil said that it was necessary “to consult the page of the Consular Section of the Embassy of Brazil in Mexico for information on the services provided”. When contacting the Mexican Consulate, the reporter was informed that this type of information should be contacted with the advice of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The Itamaraty responded by saying that “the issuance of entry visas is the exclusive competence and sovereignty of each nation. Every country uses different criteria and requirements for the entry and stay of foreigners in their territories. It is worth remembering that the requirements may vary depending on the purpose of the trip.”

Source: Jovempan

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