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why the general elections could have consequences for the European Union

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Geoffrey Branger, edited by Laura Laplaud
1:17 p.m., September 25, 2022modified to

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7:12 p.m., September 25, 2022

Europe is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the vote in the Italian legislative elections. The Italians are called to the polls this Sunday to elect their new Prime Minister, after the resignation of Mario Draghi at the end of July. The favorite of this election is Giorgia Meloni, leader of the extreme right. The 45-year-old politician, religious, conservative and anti-system could become the first woman in Italy to head a government and that worries Europe.

A eurosceptic at the head of Italy?

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This election interests Europe so much because it could have important consequences. In Brussels, there is concern to see a second member of the 27 place the far right in power, after Sweden ten days ago. And in particular a eurosceptic at the head of the third European power.

Especially since Italy could find support from Sweden, but also from Poland and Hungary, two countries in conflict with the European Commission which accuses them of breaches of the rule of law.

Ursula von der Leyen could consider sanctions against Italy

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of this commission, has already anticipated the victory of the far right and is threatening Italy with sanctions in the event of an attack on the democratic principles of the European Union. In particular, it could deprive the country of certain funds.

A substantial part of the European recovery plan is devoted to Italy, 70 billion euros out of the 750 billion euros planned. The fear of the European Union (EU) is that this money will not be used wisely. And then, in the event of Giorgia Meloni’s victory, other positions could well complicate the country’s relations with Europe, such as immigration, abortion or even the war in Ukraine.

“Giorgia Meloni is anti-French”

Guest on Europe midi, the specialist in Italy Marc Lazar also underlines the effects of the election of Giorgia Meloni on the Franco-Italian relationship. Contacts could well be broken between the two countries. “Between Mario Draghi, the outgoing President of the Council, and Emmanuel Macron, it was a great deal. It was almost a honeymoon and there was a lot of common interest at European level.”, he recalls .

“Giorgia Meloni, let’s speak clearly and I am weighing my words, is anti-French,” says Marc Lazar. “We know that she has made very many statements in recent days. She has toned down this speech and there will be two possibilities: or it will be the crisis, a very harmful crisis for the two countries because we are two commercial partners for the European Union, or else we will have reasons of state. We will try to make a few small smiles and above all try to find a common point. For Marc Lazar, this common point exists: “it is to try to relax the criteria on the debt and the public deficit”.

Source: Europe1

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