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what would Giorgia Meloni’s victory change for the country?

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Antonino Galofaro (in Rome), edited by Juliette Moreau Alvarez
6:55 p.m., September 25, 2022

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While the Italians follow one another in the ballot boxes to elect their parliament, the far right is increasingly close to power. At its head, Giorgia Meloni and his Fratelli d’Italia party, which propose a very conservative policy. However, even elected, Meloni could find it difficult to establish her policy.

Polling stations have been open since Sunday morning in Italy, where the legislative elections could well become a historic event. Europe holds its breath as Eurosceptic and far-right leader Giorgia Meloni may well become the first woman to lead Italy. His party, Fratelli d’Italia, is leading in the latest polls. At 45, she could well take the lead of Italy and establish her conservative policy.

Many obstacles and safeguards

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However in the immediate future, the probable election of Giorgia Meloni would not change anything at all for Italy. It will be necessary to wait weeks, even months to understand what will happen, firstly because the eventual government of the far-right leader will not be able to take shape before the first meeting of the new Parliament, scheduled for October 13. It is only after this meeting that there will be consultations between the parties and the Presidency of the Republic to form the executive.

Then, it must be understood that the Italian political system provides many safeguards. Giorgia Meloni will not be able to do as she sees fit. It is for example the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who will validate the list of his ministers and will ensure in particular that it is in line with the Italian Constitution, with Rome’s international European commitments

We can still wonder how the Conservative will govern. Just look at the central region of the lakes, which his party has ruled for two years: Fratelli d’Italia is trying to defend its ideology there, for example by limiting the right to abortion or the right to euthanasia. This is one of the rare examples that we have for the time being of the exercise of power by Giorgia Meloni.

Source: Europe1

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