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the gas price cap divides the European Union

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Laura Van Lerberghe
06:30 a.m., October 01, 2022modified to

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07:10, October 01, 2022

Gas price caps are dividing European Union (EU) countries. France and 14 other European Union countries want to cap the price of all gas coming into the EU. This proposal displeases Germany and the European Commission, which fear a gas shortage for Europe.

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Should gas prices be capped or not? Thorny question for the European Ministers of Energy at a time when the increase in the price of energy is weighing on the wallets of Europeans. France and 14 other countries of the European Union want to cap the price of all the gas that arrives in the Union, this means imposing on exporters a price lower than the current price.

A detailed plan to be submitted before the next European Council

This proposal does not please either Germany or the European Commission. They fear a shortage of gas for Europe, if no exporting country agrees to sell at the imposed price. For the Commission, the European Union must only cap the price of Russian gas to reduce Russia’s income. It prefers to engage in negotiations to limit the prices of imports from trusted suppliers such as Algeria, Norway or the United States.

These measures are not sufficient for France and 14 other Member States. According to them, we must act quickly and convince other countries to join their cause. This question will be the challenge of the next few days for the members of the European Union in order to submit a detailed plan to the Commission before the next European Council.

Source: Europe1

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