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Death of young Kurd intensifies social and political instability in Iran

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Iranian people have taken to the streets to ask for more freedom for women and respect for human rights

Fadel Senna / AFP

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Iran fans protest during the Qatar World Cup for more freedom and rights for women

According to the Agency of UN for Human Rights, the number of protesters killed by the repression of the Iranian government has already exceeded 300. The country has lived in political instability for years, but the trigger for new protests was the death of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old Kurdish woman was arrested at the end of September for improper use of the Islamic veil, which is mandatory in the country. Since then, the people of Iran have taken to the streets to ask for more freedom for women and respect for human rights. The World Cup game between England and Iran this week was also marred by protests on and off the pitch. Athletes refused to sing the anthem and signs with the colors of the country’s flag called for more freedom. In an interview with Young Pan Newsprofessor at PUC in Paraná and specialist in international relations, Eduardo Saldanha, assessed that the situation in the Persian country is difficult mainly because information is censored and explained how the international community can act in the legal aspect.

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“These decisions cannot be authoritarian. Therefore, an investigation and due process of law are necessary so that punitive measures can be adopted in relation to the Will🇧🇷 These punitive measures are due to violations of human rights that are provided for in the UN charter. Therefore, I cannot from the popular outcry immediately adopt a measure, ”he explained. In 1969, the so-called Iranian Revolution changed the course of the nation, when the country became a republic based on Islamic precepts.

Professor Saldanha highlighted the complexity of a State that is not secular and ends up being based on the interpretation that a leadership has regarding the sacred scriptures: “If I have an interpretative exacerbation, it is interpreted in the way it is understood”. On Tuesday, 22, Iran said it had increased uranium enrichment at the Fordow nuclear power plant to 60%. The measure was taken after a new censorship resolution was applied to the country for lack of cooperation and transparency in the nuclear program with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

*With information from reporter Camila Yunes

Source: Jovempan

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