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Peru’s vice president decides to step down as Pedro Castillo’s minister

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Dina Boluarte was included in an investigation for alleged illicit campaign financing


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Dina Boluarte, Vice President of Peru under Pedro Castillo

The vice president of Peru🇧🇷 Dina Boluarteannounced this Friday, the 25th, that he will leave the cabinet of ministers of the government of Pedro Castillo, hours after the president swore in the new chief of staff, Betssy Chávez, following the resignation of jurist Aníbal Torres. “Today I took the decision not to continue in the next ministerial cabinet. After deep reflection, I have no doubt that the current polarization harms everyone, especially the common citizen who seeks to get out of the political and economic crisis”, declared Boluarte on his Twitter account. She will not stop being vice president. Boluarte, who has also held the position of Minister of Development and Social Inclusion since July 29, 2021, the day after Castillo assumed the presidency, thanked “the confidence” in his work and said that, as vice president, he will continue “in the effort to consolidate the broadest unity of all Peruvians”. Pedro Castillo’s deputy added that this must be done “especially by the poorest and most voiceless; respecting democratic institutions within the ethical and moral principles by which I have always conducted myself”.

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On October 24, Boluarte was included in an investigation for allegedly illegally financing the Peru Livre party, with which Castillo came to power, to pay for the electoral campaigns of several of its members. The prosecutor in the case, Richard Rojas, pointed out that the vice president opened a bank account in her name to collect donations to help the party leader, Vladimir Cerrón, pay the compensation he was ordered to pay after a corruption trial. Rojas indicated, in this sense, that Boluarte would have engaged in “acts of money laundering that had the objective of improperly financing his political campaign”. In response, the vice-president expressed her confidence that “as the investigation progresses”, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will have to remove her from the file, as she guaranteed that her inclusion “has neither foot nor head”.

*With information from EFE

Source: Jovempan

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