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American protectionism at the heart of the issues of Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the United States

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Alexis Guilleux, edited by Yanis Darras
08:38, November 28, 2022

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Emmanuel Macron will travel to the United States on Tuesday for this second state visit, a first for a French president. On this occasion, American protectionism will be at the heart of the discussions. The United States aims to shake up China’s leadership in batteries or renewable energies, even if it means overshadowing Europe at the same time.

And two! Emmanuel Macron is visiting the United States for the second time. And for this second state visit, a first for a French president, he intends to make the voice of Europe heard on the neighboring continent. In the line of fire, the “Inflation Reduction Act”, this colossal law adopted by Joe Biden last summer, which provides for 370 billion dollars in spending.

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The European Union speaks of distortion of competition with particular concern for the automobile industry. And for good reason: Washington plans to reserve tax credits for electric vehicles built in the United States, in order to fight against China’s hold on this technology. But, collateral damage of this battle between the two first world powers, European companies find themselves a little more excluded from the American market.

In line with Donald Trump

So, Emmanuel Macron intends to obtain concessions from his counterpart. A task that promises to be difficult because the revival of American industry is at the heart of the Democratic President’s mandate, thanks to massive investments in electric vehicles, green energies and microprocessors. Objectives: create new jobs in the United States, get rid of Chinese influence and become a leader in these fields.

Thus, on the economic level, the Made in America defended by Joe Biden remains in line with the “America First”, praised a few years ago by Donald Trump.

Source: Europe1

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