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protests erupt in China against zero-Covid policy

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Sebastien Le Belzic
8:50 a.m., November 28, 2022

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In China, protests against Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy continue. This weekend, the Chinese were in the streets to demand the resignation of the president who has imposed a very strict health policy for months, but also to point the finger at the censorship that is raging.

They spent the weekend on the street. In China, residents denounce Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid policy. “Xi Jinping, resign!” Thousands of young people have been demonstrating for several days in Shanghai as in all of China. An incredible image, rarely seen in the country under the thumb of the Communist Party. The two largest universities in the capital, Beida and Tsinghua, are occupied by angry students. They brandish white sheets, an act that has become a symbol of protest against the zero-Covid policy, and against censorship.

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And the same scenes are repeated throughout the country with demonstrators who no longer hesitate to challenge the government. “In this world there is only one real disease, it is poverty and the absence of freedom”, confides a Chinese at the microphone of Europe 1. “We have both. We are still in the process of hurt because of a little cold. I’ll tell you why? It’s because the government got it wrong.”

Record coronavirus figures

Almost a third of the Chinese population is under the yoke of containment, while the country records an unprecedented number of Covid cases. If there has been no official reaction for the moment, police reinforcements are visible everywhere. 39,506 cases of Covid were recorded on Chinese territory on Sunday, a daily record but a figure which remains very low compared to those recorded elsewhere in the world at the height of the pandemic. The streets closed Sunday evening after the demonstrations had reopened Monday morning, with a more modest police presence, but blue palisades had been erected along the sidewalks to prevent any further gatherings.

Source: Europe1

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