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BBC journalist beaten and arrested by police in China while covering protests

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Ed Lawrence was released by authorities and took to social media to thank them for their support and concern; professional is accredited to work in the region


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British network BBC accuses Chinese police of detaining one of its journalists

The British Communications Group BBC denounced on Sunday the 28th that one of its journalists was arrested and beaten by the China while covering the protests that are happening against the anti-covid policy. “The BBC is extremely concerned about the treatment given to our journalist Ed Lawrence, who was detained and handcuffed while covering the protests in Shanghai,” a BBC spokesman said in a statement, adding that the professional was beaten and kicked by police during the hours of detention. Lawrence is accredited in the country and is authorized to operate in the region. Throughout the weekend, hundreds of people protested in several Chinese cities against the confinements and restrictions imposed by the authorities in the fight against the Covid-19🇧🇷 Some even called for the president’s resignation. Xi Jinping🇧🇷 The British Minister for Business, Grant Shapps, considered the reported acts of violence “unacceptable and worrying”. “Freedom of the press must be sacrosanct,” the minister told LBC radio.

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The BBC spokesperson said the group had received “no explanation or apology from the Chinese authorities, other than the claim by the officials, who subsequently released him, that they had detained him for his own good, in case he contracted Covid from the crowd.” . On Monday, the 28th, Lawrence thanked his followers for their support and concern, and added that “at least one Chinese citizen” was arrested after trying to prevent the police from attacking me. Asked about the event, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that Lawrence did not identify himself as a journalist. “Based on what we know from the competent authorities in Shanghai, he did not identify himself as a journalist and did not voluntarily show his press credentials,” said ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, before asking foreign reporters to “follow Chinese laws and regulations when in China.”

*With information from AFP

Source: Jovempan

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