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in the heart of the Kremlin, residence of the tsars which has become the seat of the presidency

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Thibaut Hue
11:30 a.m., November 28, 2022

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The Russian offensive in Ukraine enters its 278th day on Monday. Moscow continues to bomb Ukrainian territory. And if we talk a lot about these military orders given by the Kremlin, what really is this fortress nestled in the heart of the capital? Europe 1 retraces its history.

On the 278th day of the Russian offensive, Europe 1 takes you to the heart of the presidential palace in Russia. The Kremlin is the main residence of the head of state, namely Vladimir Putin, as well as his place of work. A place steeped in history, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kremlin or Kremol means fortress in Russian. In the country, several cities have Kremlins, but that of Moscow became one of the most important fortifications of Europe. More than 27 hectares sit enthroned in the city center. Surrounded by a high brick wall and 19 towers each decorated with a glass star weighing more than a ton – this is the oldest part of the capital, built between the 14th and 15th centuries.

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Secrets of the Kremlin

The Kremlin is located in the heart of Red Square and on the banks of the Moskva River. In winter, the landscape is transformed under the snowflakes. In Moscow, temperatures are already negative as December approaches. Residence of the tsars and then of the Soviet government, the Kremlin is today the seat of the presidency – the symbol of Russian power that feeds fantasies and legends. In particular that of a hidden subway: mysterious tunnels which would pass under the Kremlin to join in particular the headquarters of the secret services. Its existence has never been confirmed or denied by the Russian authorities.

Source: Europe1

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