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Disneyland Shanghai closes due to Covid-19 just four days after reopening

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Amusement park had been closed for a month for the same reason previously, China’s Covid Zero restrictive policy


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The Disneyland theme park in the city of Shanghai, China, has announced a temporary closure due to the country’s anti-covid restrictions. The situation occurs just four days after reopening its doors after being closed for a month for the same reason.

The theme park of disneyland in the city of Shanghaiat China, announced this Tuesday, 29, that it will temporarily close its doors again due to the anti-covid restrictions of the country’s government. The decision comes just four days after the park is open to the public again, after being closed for a month for the same reason. According to a statement from the amusement complex, there is no specific date set for reopening at this time. The park was closed on Oct. 31 after a visitor tested positive for Covid-19🇧🇷 At the time, 19,000 people were “trapped” inside the park until they underwent a PCR test to identify infection with the coronavirus before being released. Disneyland Shanghai remained closed for more than three months – between March and June – at the height of the strict confinement dictated by the Chinese authorities, before the wave of contamination caused by the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus. Although the numbers of new contagions in the city remain far below those experienced in the spring and those that are now registered in other parts of the country, at the national level China breaks its record this week, with 40 thousand people testing positive for Covid-19 .

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Faced with the Covid-19 scenario, the country continues to insist on its restrictive policy “Covid Zero”which imposes frequent testing routines on the population and lockdowns hard for large groups of people. Recently, 10 people died in an apartment fire. It is said that rescuing the victims was delayed because of the lockdown policy. The event triggered a wave of popular protests across China that are currently challenging local politics and calling for an end to the Chinese Communist Party and the resignation of the nation’s supreme leader, Xi Jinping🇧🇷

*With information from EFE

Source: Jovempan

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