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On a state visit to the United States, what will Emmanuel Macron say to Joe Biden?

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Jacques Serais
06:46, November 30, 2022modified to

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07:44, November 30, 2022

Emmanuel Macron and the First Lady have arrived in the United States for a three-day state visit. Ahead of the lavish state dinner Thursday night at the White House, the presidential couple will dine Wednesday night in a more private setting with Joe and Jill Biden at a restaurant in Washington. The French president intends to take advantage of this moment to send a few messages.

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What message does France want to send to the United States? The subjects of discussion between the French and American presidents are numerous. Arrived in the United States on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday for a three-day state visit, Emmanuel Macron first has one objective: to get Joe Biden moving on his massive anti-inflation plan, “the inflation reduction act”. (IRA) which provides generous subsidies for electric cars and renewable energy as long as they are produced in the United States.

Unfair competition and American protectionism

Paris sees unfair competition and American protectionism in it. Emmanuel Macron will therefore try to wrest exemptions for a certain number of European industrialists. “We tell the Americans that it is also in their interest to have a stronger Europe on their side”, deciphers an adviser to the President. All the more so in the context of the war in Ukraine and its consequences.

Reduce energy price bill

Emmanuel Macron notably wants to convince Uncle Sam to reduce the energy price bill. “The Biden administration has options to eliminate the difference in gas prices between the United States and Europe”, we hope at the Élysée. The President will therefore insist on the need for regulation. But four years after his first state visit, the risk is great for the tenant of the Élysée Palace to hear the same slogan from the Trump era resonate at the White House: “America first”.

Source: Europe1

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