Death toll rises to 47 in suicide bombing at Pakistan mosque

Attack was carried out during afternoon prayer in the city of Peshawar; 176 people were injured and most of those killed are police officers


Pakistani mosque attacked by suicide bomber

The death toll in a suicide attack on a mosque in the Pakistan, local authorities said, adding that most of the victims were police officers. 176 people were injured. The attack took place during afternoon prayer in the city of Peshawar. It remains unclear how the bomber managed to enter the walled compound that houses the headquarters. Sarbakaf Mohmand, commander of the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter. Pakistani authorities have declared high alert across the country. Emergency teams started a race against time to try to get people out of the rubble, and a huge rescue operation is underway, with firefighters and various equipment to remove the rubble. “There are many police officers buried in the rubble,” said Peshawar Police Commander Muhammad Ijaz Khan, who estimated the usual attendance at between 300 and 400 officers at the prayer. “It’s an emergency situation,” said Muhammad Asim Khan, a spokesman for Peshawar’s main hospital. According to the police, the explosion happened in the second row of worshipers who were praying. Mine clearance teams were sent to the site due to fears that the action was a suicide bombing.

The attack took place on the day that the president of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed ben Zayed Al Nahyan, was scheduled to visit Islamabad. The trip was canceled – officially because of the rains. Peshawar, 50 kilometers from the Afghan border, was the scene of attacks on an almost daily basis in the first half of the 2010s, but security has improved in recent years. However, in recent months, however, the city has seen many attacks, several of them against security forces. In March 2022, a suicide attack on a Shia minority mosque in Peshawar claimed by EI-K, the local branch of the extremist group Islamic State, left 64 dead. The attack was the most serious recorded in Pakistan since 2018. Pakistan criticizes the Taliban for allowing these groups to use its territory to plan attacks, something that Kabul authorities deny. Pakistan’s Taliban is a separate movement from the one in Afghanistan, but the groups have common roots. The group claimed several attacks in the last year, but one of the biggest atrocities committed by the Pakistani Taliban, which marked public opinion in the country, was the massacre of 150 people at a school in Peshawar in December 2014.

Source: Jovempan

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