Pakistani police arrest 23 suspected of involvement in attack that left more than 100 dead

Authorities are investigating the possibility that people inside the barracks helped to organize the crime.


Plainclothes police officers gather over the rubble of a damaged mosque after the January 30 suicide bombing inside the police headquarters in Peshawar on February 1, 2023

The police of Pakistan reported this Wednesday, 2, that 23 people were arrested for being suspected of being responsible for the attack on the mosque of the headquarters of Peshawar on Monday, 30, which left at least 101 dead. Authorities are investigating the possibility that people inside the barracks may have helped organize the attack, according to the police source. The perpetrator entered a maximum security complex in Peshawar undetected, and detonated his explosives among worshipers praying in the mosque, causing the roof to collapse and a wall to collapse, leaving many victims buried. “We have detained people within police lines to find out how the explosive material entered the premises and to see if any of them were involved in the attack”, said the official, who added that “the perpetrator and his accomplices may have connections outside Pakistan”. The source also said that the 23 suspects come from the city and tribal areas close to the Afghan border. Pakistan faces a strong economic crisis compounded by political chaos in the country ahead of elections scheduled for October and the headquarters of Peshawar is one of the most protected areas of the city, which also houses units of the intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies. In recent months, the country has experienced a worsening security situation, in particular since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan in August 2021.

*With information from AFP

Source: Jovempan

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