The difficult aliyah of the French in Israel

“It’s like those beautiful dreams that only leave you with the displeasure of having believed them when you wake up. » On the stage of the Suzanne-Dellal theater in Tel Aviv, we play Molière. And in French, please! Excerpts from “Malade imaginaire” but also from “L’Avare”, “Bourgeois gentilhomme” or “Scapin”.

On stage, around thirty amateur actors, all from France who, despite the 4,500 kilometers that separate them from Paris, have not let go of the Ariadne’s thread that connects them to their country of birth.

Like the 30,000 Jews from France who have joined Israel in the last ten years, most of them had slammed the door with determination, fleeing an upsurge in anti-Semitic acts. Two attacks in particular caused these massive departures.

French actors rehearse Molière at the Suzanne-Dellal theater in Tel Aviv. (OFIR BERMAN FOR “THE OBS”)

The attack on the Ozar-Hatorah school in Toulouse in 2012 where three children aged 3, 6 and 8 were killed, and the father of two of them, Jonathan Sandler; then, in January 2015, the hostage-taking of the Hyper Cacher at Porte de Vincennes which cost the lives of three customers and an employee the day after the attack on “Charlie Hebdo”.

They were thus nearly 8,000 in 2016 to “go up” to Israel, to make their “aliyah”, as we say in Hebrew, following the advice given to the Jews of France by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “finally come and settle in their home”. A path rich in fo

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