“The violence of power and its toxic masculinity must end”

February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day, a public holiday in Russia, is the equivalent of March 8 – International Women’s Rights Day – but for men and with a strong military connotation. It is this date that have been chosen, with a bit of provocation, the founders of Miagkaya Sila (“soft power” in French), to launch their women’s political movement in 2022. They did not imagine that the very next day, the invasion of Ukraine would occur.

There are dozens of women from all walks of life, who come from more than twenty regions. Politicians, journalists, lawyers, teachers, civil society activists… Their initial project is based on a simple idea and bet: to encourage women to engage in politics or to be socially active, in order to feminize institutions and thus make politics more humane. “The Russia of recent years is a state of violence, impotence and poverty, says their manifesto. A state that does not care about its citizens, does not hear them, does not care about their problems. […] We are against rigid hierarchy. Our value lies in solidarity and horizontal links between each other. We are convinced that the public and political life of the country must be smoother. »

November 2022, Anna Zueva was in Moscow. In a café in the capital, we met this freelance journalist from Buryatia, a region in the Russian Far East, who denounces

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Source : Nouvelobs

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